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Classic Iridescent Jar

Our Classic Jars are the epitome of class and colour combined.

All our jars are made with rapeseed and coconut wax for an even burn, cotton twist wick for a slow burn, and vegan natural dyes and scents for a clean burn. Bright beautiful colours and the shimmer from the iridescent glass makes the jar candle a truly special piece for your space. Our large jar candles have wave wooden wicks, for a gentle crackle while you watch the wax melt.

Our Classic Jars come in two sizes:

  • Classic Candle Jar – 200g, 40hrs burn time
  • Large Classic Jar – 400g, 70 hrs burn time
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Individual Moulds

Something different to bring a pop of colour to your space.

Perfect for gifting, or dotting about the home or office – these individual moulds are sure to get the conversation started.
We have a range of colours and shapes:

Hand and Body Lotions

Thick, creamy, and absorbent, our hand lotion leaves hands and body soft and smelling superb. It’s a beautifully luxurious addition to the bathroom or when you’re on the go for a moment of peace. Vegan-friendly, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and kind on irritable
skin—as someone with eczema, it’s refreshing to be able to apply a really thick and beautifully scented lotion without worrying about skin irritation.

Scent: Driftwood and Rock Salt

We offer two sizes for ultimate convenience:
  • Travel size: 50ml Hand & Body Lotion Travel Size
  • Bathroom Dispenser: 250ml Hand & Body Lotion


Angelic Black Pomegranate

Candle colour: Light Blue with shimmer Mika power

Scent: Black Pomegranate

Notes: gentle, vanilla notes, fresh cotton, lightly sweet

Scottish Shores

Candle colour: Navy Blue

Scent: Driftwood & Rock Salt

Notes: musky, fresh, salty, masculine, hints of marine and flora. A reminder of a moment of peace on a fresh Scottish Beach, letting nature sooth the soul. Dive into the sea, or paddle in the rock pools, this scent is sure to be a breathe of fresh Scottish air.

Spa Days & Forest Walks

Candle colour: Neon Green

Scent: Enchanted Forest

Notes: gently musky, sweet and woody, greenery and a hint of citrus. Wander through that

magical forest.


Candle colour: Lilac

Scent: Opulence

Notes: spicy, musky, cedarwood, bergamot—a MUST for lavender lovers! With the notes of nutmeg, flora, herbs, and an earthy jasmine, this is a real crowd-pleaser.

Pink Pomelo & Fizz

Candle colour: Magenta

Scent: Pink Fizz & Pomelo

Notes: big bold fruity sweet tart and musky at the end, pink pomelo is perfect for party time!

Peaceful Ginger Lily & Ylang Ylang

Candle colour: Coral

Scent: Ginger Lily & Ylang Ylang

Notes: Let the ylang-ylang, orange, bergamot, aniseed, and cypress transport you while you imagine cherry blossom in Spring. The base of cedarwood and patchouli complements it. Take time to wander around the oriental garden and experience peace and rejuvenation.

Spiced Apple

Candle colour: Burnt Orange

Scent: Spiced Apple

Notes: This candle does what it says on the jar —think Christmas apple spice, warming by the fire, and letting the snow fall outside. Don’t limit this classic scent to the winter months.
Bursting with cinnamon and spiced apple, this candle is a great coorie-in companion! 

Purple Plum & Rhubarb Realness

Candle colour: Dark Purple

Scent: Black Plum and Rhubarb

Notes: bursting with fruit and rhubarb, this is a joyful fruity number which is sure to bring a smile of nostalgia to your face – transport yourself to summer fields fruit picking, balancing sweet and tart scents.

Wandering through the pines

Candle colour: Dark green

Scent: Nordic Cedar

Notes: think pine forest, wood cabins, the aroma of fir balsam and cedarwood, and crisp

golden leaves underfoot, on top of soft green mossy moss.

Ocean Musk

Candle colour: Neon Yellow

Scent: Sandalwood & Black Pepper

Notes: spicy, musky, warm and smooth, in neon yellow, this glass is a showstopper!

Through the Grapevine

Candle colour: Olive

Scent: Cypress & Grape

Notes: Similar to this popular scent, the warm, juicy notes of grape combined with amber and earthy wood give this candle a unique inviting scent. Once you try it, you’ll love it!

Summer Evenings

Candle colour: Rose

ScentCuban Tobacco & Oak

Notes: sophisticated notes of rich cologne, smoky bonfire evenings with friends and relaxation, this warming oak aroma is sure to send you to the beach in the evening with the fire pit and the waves.