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Our story

The challenge

Through our combined backgrounds in science and hospitality, the Scottish founders of KS Candles provide a local and sustainable option for those seeking quality candles. Bursting with Essential and blended fragrances, KS Candles was born out of frustration and passion when we were totally restricted in decorating after moving into a new-build house two years ago – a lack of colour.

Created with Science & love for all things colourful, KS Candles come with a serious edge.

The Search

The challenges of changing careers mid-pandemic compounded this feeling, leaving us seeking a creative outlet.    Surely other people must have the same questions, the same frustrations and the same search for something good for the planet, your home and something unique.

The Birth of KS Candles

And so KS Candles was created!  Stuck with bad options, we created something we believed in that we could put our name behind.

We are committed to using sustainable materials and ethical practices in creating our candles, making us a delightfully guilt-free choice when looking to add a pop of colour and fragrance to life, all with a touch of ‘Weegie’ charm.

"Fabulous. Really beautiful scents."

Eleanor Fenner